Dog Gone Blues? This might help...

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Do you suffer from guilt when you leave your dog at home alone?  Do you suffer from anxiety not knowing what destructive mess you're going to come home to after leaving for work or play?  Does your pet suffer from separation anxiety or heavily panic when you start rummaging to find your keys?  If you answered yest to any of these questions, then YOU are suffering from the DOG GONE BLUES my friend.  None of us like to leave our pets for long periods of time, however if you implement some of these ideas, you might find that alone time for your dog can be a positive experience for both of you.

 1. Dog TV

You read it correctly! Keep this channel on for your dog while you are away.  It includes special programming designed specifically for pooches.  The programs are aimed directly to their vision and hearing levels while easing anxiety while you are away.

2. Open the Blinds

Yes your windows may need to be washed more, however your pooch will enjoy being able to watch what is happening around them.



3. Peanut Butter

Get a dog toy that has a hollow center and fill it with All Natural Peanut Butter.  Hours of entertainment for your friend.  Want it to occupy them even longer, freeze the toy after putting the peanut butter inside. 



4. Automatic Ball Launcher

Position this new toy in your back yard and you have hours of self enjoyment.  Of course this should not replace all human interaction, but it's a great way for your dog to get extra exercise.


 5. Get your Dog a Pet

 Because everyone knows that 2 are better than one....just take your time finding a good fit.


6. Play Hide and Seek with Treats

Hiding treats in easy to reach places in your house will keep any dog busy for awhile. Just be careful you don't hide them anywhere that will cause destruction or frustration from your dog. 


7. Get a Kiddie Pool or a Water Fountain 

 This will help keep your dog well hydrated on those hot days of summer.  Many dogs like to play in the water and the sound of a fountain can be relaxing.


8. Make an Ice Toy

 Dogs seem to love ice.  Grab your own container and put some dog toys in it and then fill it with water and freeze.  This will help keep your pet hydrated and distracted.  There is a nice reward at the end for all of their work.