How To Get A High-End Look With A Low-End Budget

Real Estate

If you’re designing on a budget, you may feel at a standstill when it comes to making your space look upscale without spending your every last dime. There’s good news, though! You can achieve a high-end look on a low-end budget by making little changes that have a huge impact. Read on and see how to make it happen.

1. Fake built-ins



  You can easily fake the look of built-in cabinet by lining an entire wall in your home with bookcases. Place them directly beside one another, and then add a decorative molding along the top of the entire “unit.” Don’t forget to screw each bookshelf to the wall using anchors – you’ll eliminate the danger of tipping.


2. Second hand thrift addiction....


Anyone who knows me knows that I love shopping at second hand stores.  I have furnished much of my house with items from local consignment shops.  Some of my favorite pieces are very unique.  With a little effort and paint you can give old pieces new life without the expense of buying something brand new.


3. First Impression is everything....



Curb appeal is huge! I have always been a sucker for a beautiful front entrance and front door and so are most buyers.  No one wants to buy a home that doesn't call to them from the moment they walk up to the front door.  With some effort and imagination almost any house can maximize curb appeal.  Also one tip I like to give, if you have large trees or bushes covering up the front of the house, eliminate them or cut them back enough so your front door can be seen.  You will never regret the money spent to improve your curb appeal.


4. Adding or updating cabinet hardware...


I am always shocked at how many homes I go into that do not have any hardware on the cabinets.  It is such a simple inexpensive way to add style to an otherwise boring cabinet.  It also keeps cabinets cleaner and helps the finish last longer.  To find hardware that is more affordable check out online sites like,, and 


5. Get rid of outdated light fixtures!


Yes people brass light fixtures are dating your home and most of them are inefficient!  There are some really cool new light fixtures and designs in the marketplace today.  Updating light fixtures is an inexpensive way to class up your space.  CFL bulbs are out of style too.  They do not provide the necessary light needed to sufficiently light your home.  Gradually replace each CFL bulb with LEDs over the next few months.  You will be happy you did and you and your guests will see your home in a whole new light!